Monroe County residents have two air medical services: LifeNet Key West and Trauma Star in Marathon.

However, the peace of mind knowing your family has access to air medical services from two programs may change. That’s because the Monroe County Commission may not consider LifeNet’s proposal that eliminates your potential financial burden. If they say “no,” it would leave the Keys with just one air medical program.

Both LifeNet and Trauma Star are operated by EMS pilots and clinicians with deep ties to the Keys community. Both programs bill patients’ insurance companies for reimbursement. And under a new proposal by LifeNet, neither program will need to bill residents of the Florida Keys for charges not covered by insurance.

Pennies For Peace of Mind

Our Reach Is Far, Our Care Is Wide

LifeNet’s proposed partnership only costs 44¢ per resident per month…less than the price of a postage stamp. It will ensure nearly every resident would never have to pay a penny out of pocket for emergency air medical care. For Key West residents who spend summer months in other states, LifeNet’s proposal will provide them with the security of knowing that if they are transported via an Air Methods air ambulance, there is no additional cost. However, without the partnership, LifeNet would be forced by law to charge for unreimbursed helicopter air ambulance services. That’s not what we want, and from what we heard, neither do you.

Air Medical Team

Don't Be Left With Only One Option

If you don’t want only one helicopter air ambulance provider for the entire Florida Keys, complete the form below, and we’ll share your wishes with the County Commission.

Two Emergency Air Medical Programs Are
Better Than One

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